Hatchery Pressure controller


Static Pressure Control for Hatchery


TAC Static Pressure Control( TAC-PR-1) measures and compares static pressure inside and outside the animals' house through two flexible tubes. It measures the pressures to lower or increase fan speed on the inlet and plenum side of Hatchery incubators thus bringing the static pressure inside the hatchery on two different locations to a set point (which is higher than the outside pressure in the room and lower in plenum than the room pressure) pre-determined by the user. Through  adjustment of this differential  pressure, the TAC-PR-1 improves the air circulation inside the incubator, temperature distribution, and general climate conditions. If static pressure increases or decreases to unacceptable level, an alarm system is activated.



  • Microprocessor based controller
  • State of the art pressure sensor
  • Static pressure measured in Pascal
  • Manual over-rides
  • High and low static pressure alarm
  • Inerasable memory
  • Time delay to avoid over reaction on windy days