Fumigation Timer


This is a digital micropressor controlled timer for fumigation purposes say breeder eggs before incubation or at farms for fumigation of eggs in an sealed almirah immediately after laying.

After pushing first button the heater is on (15 amp load ) also the first fan inside box for stirring is on and after twenty minutes the exhaust fan is on for expelling gas fumes and the heater is off. The exhaust fan remains on for ten minutes. after this every thing is off, The attendant may put the main switch off earlier than  that if he so desires. This is simple,reliable and user friendly with warranty

Paraformaldehyde fumigation

Use 10 gramme paraformaldehyde tablets per cubic meter of space

melting point  120-170 degree centigrade

use temperature controlled hot plate likedomestic iron set to middle position and thenuse 20 minutes timer for proper fumigation using stirring fan inside the fumigation box