Egg Room Controller


In a breeder egg storage room where eggs are stored for three to four days or may be sometimes more. The storage temperature is critical to hatchability of eggs.

Generally the storage temperature is around 18 deg C and the humidity 75 to 80 percent. To maintain those conditions both in hot and dry conditions and cold winters you need to install airconditioners,heaters and humidifiers. You also need to control these three equipments by a controller.This comes with one temperature and one humidity sensor inclusive of price

Our digital Egg Room Controller can 

    a,    control temperature around a set point for A.C.

    b,    control temperature around a set point for HEATER

    c.    control humidity around a set point for humidifier

    d,    activate an alarm relay if out of limit condition is reached 

The setting are menu driven and easily configured on a four digtal seven segment LEDs 


General Information for conditions of sweating of eggs which should be avoided

Room temperatue   I    Eggs (at 18.3 deg C ) will sweat if Humidity in traying room is higher than

18.3 deg C                I      - - - - 

21.1  ,,  ,,                    I     83%

23.9 ,,  ,,                     I      71%

26.7                            I       60%

29.4 ,,  ,,                     I      51%

32.2  ,,  ,,                    I      43%

32.0                            I      38%

37.8  ,,    ,,                  I      32%