Agro Logic Temptron 607


                                 Agrologic Temptron 607


8 stage climate controler

The Temptron 607 is a low cost reliable 8-stage climate controller,The Temptron was specially designed to control simple tunnel ventilated houses.

The Temptron 607 has 8 outputs for operation of fans, heaters, cooling and alarm systems, two outputs for fan speed regulation and light dinning. ON/Off timer for minimum ventilation and ON/OFF timer for cooling pad. 

Two inputs for water and feed consumption .

The T607A-C have a real time clock and a automatic temperature reduction curve for the hole growing periode.

The Temptron 607 can be connected to the Agro Net PC communication software


  • Save inverter cost - Inverter control (All fans or partial fan control)
  • Save fan electricity – limited number of operating fan
  • Efficiency - Target min. ventilation requirement according to bird weight
  • Heat stress - Preset restricted time of operating pump and timer available


Temptron is the most precise climate controller      

  • Accurate Temperature
  • 12 Step Fan Control
  • 1 Cooling Stage
  • 1 Light Stage
  • 1 Alarm Stage
  • 2 Temperature Sensors
  • 1 Humidity Sensors
  • Computer Networking
  • Heat Stress Index